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Book Review : Maya's New Husband by Neil D'Silva

Spoiler Alert This book I had started reading days before and took me so many to finish. “No!”  Not because it was not interesting or not keeping ‘me’ glued. But it was another reason... it was creeping me out and giving me nightmares.   Horror and Gore is not my cup of tea. But whenever I thought I am not going to torture me anymore I was pulled back to the book to see what happens next. Aghori’s... Strange attraction... Horror ( not by anything supernatural)...  Cannibalism... Real Gore... ‘Not at all my type!’ The only horror I have ever read is Bram Stoker's Dracula. I remember Neil D’ Silva the author telling me ‘it’s not that genre’.  Not only was he right but, Thanks to him I am going to carry the nightmares and impact from horror for quiet sometime in future ;-) .
 Maya : Her strange attraction to a man people kept away from. Not handsome, not charming, not appealing,  not exactly sweet talking as well. But certainly a fatal attraction,  she couldn’t stop herself from b…