Book Review : Maya's New Husband by Neil D'Silva

Spoiler Alert
This book I had started reading days before and took me so many to finish. “No!”  Not because it was not interesting or not keeping ‘me’ glued. But it was another reason... it was creeping me out and giving me nightmares.  
Horror and Gore is not my cup of tea. But whenever I thought I am not going to torture me anymore I was pulled back to the book to see what happens next.
Strange attraction...
Horror ( not by anything supernatural)... 
Real Gore...
‘Not at all my type!’ The only horror I have ever read is Bram Stoker's Dracula. I remember Neil D’ Silva the author telling me ‘it’s not that genre’.  Not only was he right but, Thanks to him I am going to carry the nightmares and impact from horror for quiet sometime in future ;-) .

 Maya : Her strange attraction to a man people kept away from. Not handsome, not charming, not appealing,  not exactly sweet talking as well. But certainly a fatal attraction,  she couldn’t stop herself from being pulled.
Padma, Hemant and Akram: I had wondered the effect of their presence in this horror. But as I finished reading the book the full impact of their presence and purpose to the story settled in. ( Sorry for dissecting it this way but this was my first experience in this genre.  So it all piqued my creative side.
Maya’s mother and sister: The two person who tries to reason with Maya and make her try to compare her past and present. But her strong supporting pillar as well.
Samar : Maya’s beautiful past which had ended abruptly. ( I did wonder the impact of past in her present. And I was not disappointed instead I didn’t see that connection coming up. It came from the blind spot and hit hard.)
And above all,
Bhaskar:  His reasoning’s, his need to be who he was, his upbringing, his parentage and his weird mind and taste. A self proclaimed aghori.

For the readers who like the emotional pangs and drama enfolding, its cold blooded  violence and gore awaiting in this book.

As the story ended I was wondering, things wouldn’t end all right here or would they? And there was the mirror ready to spook you again for the next installments to come.
For me the gore and horror had been the autopsies in Robin Cook books , now I have the real images of gore and horror so imprinted in my mind after reading Maya’s new husband that I realized though it took me so much time to finish reading the book, I am curious enough to try other books of the same author.

The perfect book for people who love horror and for those who have never tried this genre: A Must try. ( Not for the people with weak stomach.) 


  1. Horror.... It's definitely my cup of tea.

  2. Horror.... It's definitely my cup of tea.

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  4. Hey Reshma ,

    I would be having a similar experience as yours if I read this book ... Horror is definitely not my cup of tea !!!

    Right now I must say this !!! After reading your wonderful review about this novel , I am tempted to buy and read the same . I would love to go for a roller coaster ride with the pages and enjoy this eustress ...

    1. Worth the try. Aishwarya Menon youshould give it a try.

    2. Worth the try. Aishwarya Menon youshould give it a try.


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