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Spotlight: The Casanova's Wife by Sundari Venketraman

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THE CASANOVA'S WIFE (Marriages Made in India Book #4) by Sundari Venkatraman

Bharat is the elder of the Maheshwari twins. Being a super model, he travels from Jaipur to Mumbai to Delhi, modelling for high-end brands and playing show stopper during fashion shows. Clothes, jewellery, glares, briefs – you name it and Bharat Maheshwari models for it. 
Dia Mathur is a management trainee based in Mumbai. She’s surprised to find herself at an after event party hosted by a major fashion label, thanks to her best friend. That’s where she meets Bharat, completely unaware of his claim to fame. 
Sparks sizzle and they get together instantaneously. But things fall apart when Dia realises that Bharat is quite the Casanova and might not make for a life partner. She disappears from his life... surface again two years later, at no place other than his family’s drawing room in Jaipur. Will the Casanova turn a new leaf? Or will Dia have to play second, thir…

Book Review: half pants full pants by Anand Suspi

An adorable book!
The book takes you back into the past. The simplicity, the nostalgic moments and especially the colloquial usages eg, ‘without a paisa of doubt’, will win your heart. It sure takes you for a trip down the memory lane.  The Spielberg's pet’s influence on the young narrator is hilarious. I am curious as to know how the boy did the bus, glass wall, and the bottle while doing a break dance(I am assuming those are some moves in break dance). Every innocent and adventurous moment left a smile on my lips. A must read for the readers who love a trip down the memory lane into the innocent adventures of childhood. Every chapter is a fun adventure. Every chapter is a delight, loved how the author brought in the innocent language of the child so realistically. My other two one in white and with a halo and one in black with her horns shining bright and I had a nostalgic adventure through the childhood again through new realms. An absolute fun read! Grab the book from Amazon USA

Book Review: Ponni’s Beloved - An English Translation Of Kalki Krishnamurthy's Ponniyin Selvan by Sumeetha Manikandan

A beautiful read: Ponni's Beloved
From the word go the story pans through the period of tenth century AD taking the reader through the time without a drop. The politics, the intrigue never seems to fade. A big note of thanks for Sumeetha Manikandan for giving the translation of one of the most celebrated Tamil works “Ponniyin Selvan” for a non-Tamil reader. The book leaves the era etched into the reader's mind. I am eagerly looking forward to picking the next of coming volumes.  The story panning through the Chola dynasty it has all the elements of an epic. Every character has the universal appeal. The thirst for power, the extreme royalty, sheer attraction, the clever play of emotions, betrayal you name it and it is in there. A beautiful book indeed! Sumeetha Manikandan has done a very commendable job.  I have not read the original one but the beauty in the translation makes me wonder if a translated book is so beautiful what the original would be. I and my other two in white …