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Book Review: Evil Twin? by PG Van

A sizzling extension of love!!!

Sports Motorcycle, sports car, motorcycle jacket ...and an absolute handsome broad shouldered hunk to fit in....PG Van you had me there!!! Of the very few of erotic novels I have tried I have felt deprived of romance. But here you have the perfect blend of erotic suspense-romance! That is what PG Van has in store for her readers. I loved spicy Reyan wooing the unsure Vinnie into a very hot and emotional relationship here. If Nick from Destiny's series of PG Van was so very good guy, we have here Reyan a cousin of Nick with a more greyer shades ( a naughty wink from all three of us: me, Miss Black and Miss White) like normal men, a little anger, a little dominance, a little over protective and a little too sure of himself. But that’s what makes him so badly spicy( as PG Van herself calls Reyan)  Miss Black, Miss White and I had our share of fun reading it. Miss White was flushed starlet, contrast to her complete white attire and her pure white wings and …

Book Review - RIght Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit

A perfect custom fit .
The prefect leather in a perfect shade and moulded into perfect size in the most trendy design - A perfect custom fit . From their first meeting till the end Adi and Nandi never stops to pull you into this absolutely filmy romance. The double trouble Nandini and Sneha had grabbed my attention from the time I read their meddling with Gayatri's love story in Rightfully Wrong and Wrongfully Right. Here the moment Adi starts taunting or unfurling his wrath on Nandi the sparks starts to fly... Miss Black and Miss White were even mentioning: just like them Adi and Nandi are fighting always. But girls, reality check! They are not like you guys... they are attracted to each other and getting crazily in love. (rolling my eyes at them)  'From fights to kiss',  may be the story line but trust me it's no ordinary romantic journey. With Varsha Dixit how can it ever be normal? (My wicked naughty side is all happy and content after reading) The right amount of humou…

Book Blitz - The Multitudes of Ripples by Vaachakmitra


The novel is a first person narrative of an entrepreneur who struggles to make sense of his life. He reconstructs his memory while recuperating from a nervous breakdown. The distortion in his narrative is not only the manifestation of psychopathology of his mind but also an exploration of human values. The novel demonstrates how optimism incorporates meaningful semantics even in the face of psychopathology. The dualism of hope and pathos creates a touch of absurd, almost reminiscent of Kafka and Camus.
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About the Author
The author is a research scientist by training. He is a technical consultant who works in an advisory capacity to the pharmaceutical industry. He specializes in intellectual property, technology up gradation and information technology. He is a science writer specializing in theoretical and philosophical foundations of modern scientific thought.

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Book Review : His Drunken Wife by Sundari Venkatraman

‘through thick and thin true love endures (always)’
When I read the title and got to know who the character was, I started wondering can you actually write a romance on a woman who has showed the grayest of her nature, the vamp side of her to the hilt in Sundari Venkatraman's earlier books - A woman with drinking problem, smoking issue and an obsessed need to marry wealth. But trust me if anyone could have pulled that character successfully in a romance it is  Sundari Venkatraman. More than the reader in me, the writer in me wanted to see how she did that. But soon the reader in me kicked in and it was no longer the writer trying to learn from a bestselling author but a reader with the stars and hearts shining in her eyes reading it. It is not the usual fairy tale kind but more an inspirational one.  The patience and strength of Abhimanyu is just rock solid. This romance is not just about a great looking hunk, beautiful lady and love but beyond that, ‘an inspirational romance’ would be…

Book Review – Only Wheat not White by Varsha Dixit

Love is all what matters whether be it, Wheat or White! 1. When you have grown out of you adolescence believing your close knit family broke because someone ‘White’ stole your sister away from your family seven seas apart.  2. Now you have to go to the same city where your sister and her White love is living with their family when yours  was shattered just because they had to fall in love. 3. The first and only promise your family takes from you when you go to the land seven seas away from work -  " Only Wheat not White"  4. And Dang of all the men… that pull... that attraction is towards only one man who has been crossing through rather barging in your life in the city is one  Mr. White.
I know, I know you don’t expect the blurb as it would be already there and I needn't write again. (Miss Black and Miss White are smiling beatifically) Because the story is really tricky and leaves you believing there is absolutely no way it’s going to be happy especially where her family is …

Book Review – Twin Torment by Sundari Vekatraman

When you confuse your teenage crush as love … And your love as lust ......
Even worse when you doubt your feelings now for someone else (wait not someone else but your crush’s twin) to be lust and not love…. Growing up in a haze holding onto your crush and slowly starting to believe you are in love with your crush even after not having met him.... Sounds crazy?  Well then Sanya is crazy.  After returning to meet her crush… no her love of the life she realises she still hates his twin because he used to torment her during their teen years... Her love of life is not there to say a hi to her or just be there, and all the attention she gets is from the twin who had tormented her. Her body sings at tormenting twins touch or kiss. She feels disloyal to Arth her love for life. But her traitor body reacts only to Ansh the tormenting twin. You have it all whatever you expected from a Sundari Venkatraman book. 1. The sizzling chemistry. (Wicked Miss Black is still uncurling her toes) 2. The innocent and…

Book Review: Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Book Review – Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh ***Spoiler alert When the Angel steals the heart! “When he became the seeker, she was his haven. When she became demanding, he became her beacon.”

Shefali Verma and Aryan Ranaut when together they sizzle the frame of your imagination. Miss Black and Miss White in there royal glory are still reeling in the throes of the royal romance. Miss Black’s  horns are shining bright and Miss White’s halo is glowing a little more than normal. From their meeting in the Palace, (pssstttt the drool worthy handsome prince adorned just in towel just took the ever so romantic Shefali by surprise … actually no, he gave her a shock. Not in her wildest dreams she had thought her dream man would walk in, in just a towel. )  to their sparring with words and at times with … ahem (Me and my other two are blushing now)…kisses, Shefali and Aryan  just know how to let that tingly feeling in your stomach never to die. The Fabergé had been a fascination for many... (Me …

Tornado3: Spotlight Book 78 - Hearts and Hots by Ruchi Singh

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The Story:

Love, what is it? 
A casual glance, and the heart skips a beat… 
Or A chance meet and that tug of an inexplicable connection…

Love… a baffling attraction so potent that one becomes blind to entire world, or is it that unbridled passion which threatens to drown every time you see the one, or a protective urge which forces you to realize that life is not worth living without that special someone…

‘Hearts and Hots’ a collection of five short stories riding on first love, passion, and romance.

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About The Author 

Winner of TOI WriteIndia story contest, Ruchi Singh is a novelist, and writes in two genres; romance and romantic thriller. She has a degree in Electronics Engineering and has worked as Quality Consultant in the IT field. She began her writing career writing short stories and articles, which have been published on various online forums. …

Tornado3: Spotlight Book 77 - The Broken Home by Lopamudra Banerjee

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The Story:

An English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's novella, 'Nastanirh', which was aptly filmed by ace filmmaker, Satyajit Ray as Charulata.

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About The Author 

Lopamudra Banerjee is a writer and translator, currently based in Dallas, USA. She has a Master’s degree in English with a thesis in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Her unpublished memoir Thwarted Escape has been First Place Category Winner at the Journey Awards 2014 hosted by Chanticleer Reviews. She is an editor of Learning and Creativity, an e-zine for the literary and creative souls.

Her poetry, stories and essays have appeared at many print and online literary journals and anthologies both in India and the US. Her poetry has recently appeared in The Significant Anthology, Umbilical Chords: An Anthology on Parents Remembered and K…