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Spotlight: Destined by Rubina Ramesh

DESTINED by Rubina Ramesh

Esha Mehra could have taken care of her father, only if she had some support from her fiancé. But he had his priorities set and her sick father was nothing but a burden. Esha didn't have any other choice but to apply for a loan from her office. But she had not banked on the fact that the Head of Geno Technologies needed her for other reasons.
When Rohan Sharma saw Esha for the first time, he felt she was the one. He had no intention of falling in love with her for the pain of the past was still too much to bear.  But he did need Esha as a decoy to his plan. But Esha was not a damsel in distress who would bend to his will easily. While he was sure that he would marry her only for six months, he still couldn’t understand why he felt a searing jealousy every time, her ex-fiancé Ayush’s name was mentioned.
While these two souls had other plans in their lives, Destiny conspires to bring them together. But will the stench of Death let them live their lives? 

Spotlight: Brahmahatya by Rajiv Mittal

BRAHMAHATYA by Rajiv Mittal

A story of revenge and redemption and deeds shaped by forces that humans believe they have defined through mythology and scriptures but still struggle to understand. 
A woman employee of a retirement home is shocked to discover that a new resident is in fact the son impersonating his father. The son is seeking revenge. She, by her past actions, is unwittingly complicit in his being there and now tries to thwart his peculiar plans. A senile woman-resident and an enigmatic founder offer him sage advice. The samudra manthan (a major episode in Hindu mythology), a slightly dim secretary and a sinister boss play their part in ensuring justice is finally served but in an unexpected manner. 
The novel quotes frequently from the ancient Hindu scriptures and stories that the protagonists use to justify their actions. The treatment of the elderly in society is a major theme. 
‘I found Rajiv's novel completely charming. The story is always interesting and is funny …

Book Review: My Singapore Fling by Sudesna Ghosh

A quick fun read.
An out and out entertainer. Now I guess I know what a Chick Lit is. Dipa’s desire to have a fling in Singapore, and her crazy criteria for it were fun! You must read to know what she wanted her fling to be like. Dipa’s obsession for a great butt was hilarious. My own wicked self couldn’t stop from imagining them. It had a real take on friendship and the craziness it involved. The woes and troubles of an unmarried girl of thirty was humourous. I liked Dipa’s writer's crisis as well, especially the connection between the expensive coffee and the quality of her work. You’ll have to read the book to find out how successful Dipa’s fling was. Me and my two doppelgangers, Ms. Halo in her white flowy chiffon gown and Ms. Horns in her shimmering black sexy dress, had real fun reading it. Grab the book from Goodreads and Amazon.
Meet Dipa Basu. She’s a 30 something modern Bengali woman living in Kolkata and a successful writer. After many relationships and breakups, s…

Book Review: Lean In To Relationships by Rishabh Jhol

A nice journey to embark on!
This book is a journey through some great cities and also into oneself. There is a glimpse of the famous American Dream which makes people flock to this country. The details, sometimes minor and at other times major, makes the book interesting. The author has opted for a different narration technique. It is a travelogue served with spices made of human emotions and garnished with philosophical and spiritual thoughts. I would have preferred a little more editing to make it crisper. And some of the words used seemed too lofty and interrupted the flow of the book. Overall, it is the protagonist’s journey through different places, love, and life. As a reader, it is a nice journey to embark on! Grab the book from Goodreadsand Amazon Blurb:
Madeeha works in Jordan to rehabilitate Syrian refugees. Zehen, a social entrepreneur from India, is intrigued and charmed by her, and falls deeply in love. But the world political climate, with its accompanying cultural chronicle…

Book Review : Doctor Spy Stalker by Usha Narayanan

A feisty lady, a simple doctor and a spy!
When I read the blurb I wondered if the theme would be a love-triangle, which I’m not fond of usually. Though the starting indicated that, soon I knew who to root for. I loved every moment of it. The feisty psychologist and the dashing stranger leaves you craving for more. With an exciting ride with Neal on his bike or the cute moment of picking up the puppy, you will have your heart in a twist in no time. It’s not just the romance but the thrill of it all. You wouldn’t see it coming until late. My doppelgangers (the one in white with the halo and the one in black with shining horns) had a blast drooling over Neal and feisty Kamna.  If Ms. Halo shook her head at Kamna or Neal’s behaviour, Ms. Horns was having a gala time.  I expected a closure for Purushu and was disappointed when it wasn’t addressed. But for that, I enjoyed the book immensely. Doctor, Spy and Stalker is my first book of Usha Narayanan, but after this book I will certainly grab…

Spotlight: Valley Of The Kings by Terrance Coffee

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In the year 1355 BCE, the land of Egypt was the superpower of the known world. King Tut's father, Akenaten, the so-called 'heretic pharaoh,' and his wife, Queen Nefertiti, are on the verge of catapulting Egypt into a revolution that will forever divide its people and rip the most powerful empire on the earth from its foundation. 
Inspired by the actual Hittite and Amarna letters of 14th century BCE, 'Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty' is an epic novel of intrigue, passion, and betrayal, resurrecting the thrilling story of a singular leader whose beliefs were both visionary and disastrous.
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About the author

Terrance Coffey is a bestselling author, screenwriter, songwriter and composer with a predilection for Egyptian history. He has written numerous short stories, screenplays, television pilots, and even Coca-Cola music jing…

Book Blitz: Darkness There But Something More- An Anthology of Selected Ghost Stories by Dr. Santosh Bakaya and Lopamudra Banerjee

Print Length: 182 pages Publisher: The Blue Pencil  Publication Date: June 30, 2017 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC Language: English Genre: Paranormal

Who has not been intrigued and enthralled by the spirit world, ghosts, other-worldly beings, or in other words, the paranormal? Ambiguous presences around us, whether in the form of orally narrated stories by our grandparents, or in the form of haunting, riveting supernatural stories in books and movies have held us in their spell, engaging, alluring us even to this date. In fact, the prominence of paranormal investigators, ghostbusters and others documenting the other-worldly in today’s age overpowered by science and technology only points to the fact that we crave to push our boundaries as rational beings and delve into the phenomena which we cannot define or explain tangibly.

This anthology of 30 selected ghost stories by authors dispersed all over the globe celebrates the spine-chilling thrills and sense of awe and bewilderme…

Cover release: Carthick's Unfairy Tales


A damsel in distress. An evil dragon. A concerned father seeking a savior to rescue his daughter. A hero galloping off to the rescue – a knight in shining armor. Now THAT is stuff of fairy tales.
But what if the father’s real concern is for the dragon’s hoard; What if the damsel’s reason of distress is the marriage proposal by her pompous and vicious savior; and what if the story is told by the horse who bears not only the overweight knight but also his heavy, shining armor all the way to the dragon’s lair and back, facing certain death in the process?

What if there was more – much more – to all your favourite fairy tales than met the eye?

This book chronicles not one but seven such unfairy tales – tales told by undead horsemen and living cities. Tales of mistreated hobgoblins and misunderstood magicians. Tales of disagreeable frogs and distressed rats and bears baring their souls. Once you read these stories, you will never be able to look at a…