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Book Review – Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

If you feel my words are going slurry and are finding it hard to flow in here and I am a bit loose with my words (wiping of the beads of sweat from my brows) well blame it on the Tequila mini cupcakes made by our own vamp Gayatri Dutta. (Pssst… it took a mad scientist or should I say ‘Mad hatter’ (as she calls him), to make her confess that she baked it.  The last time I had a great girl buddy time was with Nora Roberts Bride Quartet –girls ;-) Thanks to Varsha Dixit I had a blast with “The Double trouble”  and Gayatri. Boy! Did they have some spunk and grit. They are cheeky and vivacious, loved the Nandini- Sneha the double trouble and their bonding. The guys were great actually pssst drool worthy especially our Mad hatter, but once you read the book you will realise girls are more fun. No offence, boys ;-) Don’t you agree girls? (You could see the Halo glowing now on my head ;-) For girl Power.) Never mind. But let me mention our Mad hatter whose real name is Viraj Dheer. Hot! Ahem…. …

Book Review - Dangle by Sutapa Bose

*SPOILER ALERT Just like the title it was a Dangle. Amar and  Steve are projected as very virile and extremely attractive that Ipshita the globe trotter just cant resist. They are just the kind for vacation romance one reads in romances. And Akash the boy who would trigger the protective nature in everyone. It was odd when people around never noticed these three giving us readers warning it is not what it appears. And would we be surprised to realise it was all hallucination, a little yes, a little no. I tried to link the helicopter incident at first with Amar which didn’t link with, so yes I couldn’t predict what was coming up. It kept me at edge. Actually dangling until the last page. Especially the last page when it seemed all was solved and settled the book which was just a psychological suspense turned into a horror at least for me ;-) The ending did remind me of Sidney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams ending.
The locations: yes I use the word location as I am not able to replace it w…

Book Blitz - His Drunken Wife by Sundari Venkatraman

Marriages Made in India Book #2 HIS DRUNKEN WIFE
by Sundari Venkatraman

The badass Shikha is startled when the nerdy Abhimanyu proposes marriage. She loves... herself, and Abhimanyu doesn't figure on her list anywhere. For Abhimanyu, however, it was love at first sight when Shikha walked into RS Software, where the two of them work.

When Abhimanyu shows her that he just might be rich enough for her, a pleasantly surprised Shikha accepts his marriage proposal and moves into his swanky apartment.

But it looks like the love is all from only Abhi’s side as Shikha continues to drink herself crazy. Yeah, even at their wedding party.

And then Abhi sets out on a honeymoon to Thailand with His Drunken Wife...

*MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA is a five-novella series that revolves around the characters you have met in The Runaway Bridegroom. Grab your copy @ | | | |
About the author
Sundari Venkatraman His Drunken Wife is the ninth book authored by S…

Book Review - Destiny decides by PG Van

Book Review:  Destiny decides by P G Van 

The book reminded me that I have been missing reading romances. It’s been sometime since I picked up a romance. 
Sameera  and Nick’s meeting  was really interesting: Nick on his Superbike and Sameera in her Mini Cooper. Sameera aka Meera aka Sam a dancer with a regular job, the odd timings of her job, her cautious nature coming in the way to accept the all too perfect Nikhil.  And Nikhil is the very good son, brother, friend and a considerate partner. The life of an NRI is nicely put. The daily life of Sameera is sketched nicely, Nikhil being mesmerised by her dance class, his mother being spellbound by her performance and a sudden happiness engulfing her and pulling her out of her miseries.  The depiction hits a cord with dance lovers or dancers. Train ride, limousine ride , Porche... Mmmm now that was a treat.  A little more pace to the story would have been a plus. Also I would have loved to see deeper into Nat, Srini, Mrs and Mr B, Anu and her…

Book Cover release - Second Chance At Forever by Summerita Rhayne


What happens when the terrible twos come in threes?  Stuti loves being a mother to her triplets, but it can be a harrowing routine. She's even more submerged in the craziness when she takes them and her mom-in-law for a trip to Rajasthan, the land of the erstwhile Thar desert royals and their palaces. After the passing away of her husband, she feels she owes it to her mil to take her to her favourite holiday. In the Amber Palace, her reckless toddler rushes onto a modelling shoot. As she picks up her daughter who has tripped over a gorgeous zardozi sari, her gaze clashes with that of the man she'd hoped never to set eyes on again in her life. 
A passion that threatens to set fire to more than just her senses Revath was everything she wanted in a man, but six years ago he chose to walk away from her. Now he wants to be back in her life. When she knows he doesn't want the same things in life that she does, would she be wise to let …

Book Review: Black Pepper – Madhu Purushotaman

“… if you do not want it, you cannot be conquered. Don’t lose your spirit or soul even if you lose your life. A valiant death is better than an enslaved life as it destroys you soul too. How you live your life is all that matters. “ an excerpt from the book. 
A visual treat: the book takes you on visual tour through the southern part of India, now the state Kerala in 18th century. The extensive research on the history and the social conditions provide the authenticity and realism to the  novel. It is a treat to a Historical Fiction lovers. As the book started I was waiting for the appearance of the male protagonist as is usually expected. But as the story  progressed, without my realization the three protagonists were etched in my mind.  Women protagonists: not one or two but three. Hook, line and sinker, the girls had me with them through-out. A society where men set the rules for women, where every level of the caste hierarchy, women were oppressed and treated no worse than an i…