Book Review- Her Secret Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

Book Review - Her Secret Husband by Sundari Venkatraman
“What if I need you desperately?”
“Do you love me or just lust after my body?”
“Can’t I do both?"

Phew….. I am already feeling hot. And I have just read page 24 which is just the excerpt before the novel begins in the book. (exasperated…) So what am I doing writing? Good question. Cause unlike normal book reviews (psssst I doubt my reviews usually are normal .. my eyes  rolling up lips turning at one side) here I thought, (wicked glint in my eyes) a running commentary for a change ;-) And guess it’s a surprise for all romance lovers especially Sundari Venkatraman’s avid readers. The book has been released just about an hour ago, I couldn’t help myself and I grabbed the kindle copy from amazon. (one of me in black and with two red horns shining on the head and a trident by my one shoulder and the other one of me in white with all feather wings and a halo of course with an angelic smile on the other… was that confusing thought so….)
So the story goes like this, I have been waiting for Laxman’s story since he was mentioned in “The runaway bridegroom. And sorry wanted to put the review of that book first, but I ended up doing The smitten husband first and again I jumped directly to Laxman’s “The secret husband” . Will come back to the others  in few(days.. hopefully…) ;-)
By the way I loved the dedication in the book, verbatim
“To all those parents who give their children the freedom to speak truth.”
Laxman had me right there,
“…the man walking towards her. He had grown a thick mustache, that sat well on his handsome features.”
A man who can carry his mustache well is worth pining over, don’t you think ;-) both my others are nodding their head in absolute agreement. Errr…..Excuse me, Let me continue please…
“… pretended to sip hot beverages, their eyes devouring each other.”
As far as I am concerned who wouldn’t be. I mean a tall handsome chap with “luxuriant mustache” and dark fuzz covering  his face looked absolutely rakish. The evil gleam in my eyes is on. Guys I can’t go on like this, I need to stop the running commentary I need to read it without disturbances. I will write my experience though. The snotty head has woken up. See u after reading unless something comes up which I can’t help myself from sharing.
*******Should we put disclaimer here. That guy is too hot to handle. Phewww… My AC is in full blast but still I am fanning myself with my hands. Phew…..
“The texture of his mustache on her skin drove her nuts.”
It will drive  the readers nuts(does to me …) can’t imagine of Ruma…
Running commentary stops right here. I need to read without distraction.
I break the rule second time…
How would a girl react when a man says without any preamble,
“Haven’t you realized? I plan to make you mine.” 
I’ve not hyperventilated yet but if this continues I will soon.
Ohhh… ( we want more me, and my other ones)  I am done.
Loved every bit of the Maheshwari family equation or should I say the Maheshwari madness. They just pull you into the whirlpool of strong men and equally strong women. 
And Laxman and Ruma are absolute fire-works waiting to be close to spark it off, a romance to look forward to. I was not sated with their romance, I wanted more. My lips droop so does my other ones on either shoulder. The smoldering intensity between them and the chemistry just blew the socks of me and my other ones ;-)
Read with your fan and AC on full blast. The quotient of seething passion is too high here. Tread cautiously the wicked glint and smile on.
Pssst…. I did hyper ventilate. Fanning furiously….

The book is available through,,,, and


The Maheshwaris are back, a little secretly this time! 

What do you do if you find a man who looks like chocolate, speaks like warm syrup, looks at you like you were the most precious cake ever created, and he can bake too? You marry him, even if in secret.

Ruma Malhotra falls head over heels and a little more in love with Lakshman Maheshwari, but her parents insist that she marry a rich businessman of their choice. When Ruma's only option is to marry Lakshman in secret, she is left torn between her love for her parents and her passion for Lakshman. Is a secret marriage the solution or will it lead the way to a public disappointment? 

Lakshman Maheshwari falls in love with Ruma Malhotra the first time he sets his eyes on her in Ranveer's office. Will he agree to marry Ruma in secret even if it means betraying his parents? 

Psst... Those who have read THE MALHOTRA BRIDE might be happy to reconnect with Sunita & Akshay Malhotra in this one. 

*MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA is a five-novella series that revolves around the characters you have met in The Runaway Bridegroom. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Do check out the book a good romance to look out.

  2. Whoa! What a review Reshma Ranjan. I loved the elan with which you have posted a running commentary :D
    The best part is that after reading the review, you make me want to read the book again ;)

    1. ;-) That's Laxman effect, all thanks to you. My wait is over and completely satisfied. Though not sated enough would have loved more doses of him.( the wicked gleam still lurking in my eyes) Jokes apart. I loved it! And if I can make you want to tread back into your books I would like to believe I did a good job with the review ;-) (the smug look on)

  3. I want to know more on ruma. For that I can't wait to read the book.
    Review is good. Looking forward for the next review of the book.

    1. Grab the book from yYou can get a full fil of Ruma. Next review coming soon :-)

  4. Very well written....definitely very tempting

  5. Your review makes people want to read the book.....Too good

    1. Ohh my... You made my day Sujata! Trust me you will not be dissappointed with this book. And I believe even if one person feels like picking the book reading my review, i am on the right path.;-) Thank you Sujata.

  6. I enjoyed reading this book and loved your style of review, Reshma! It refreshed the story once again in my mind!! :)

  7. Venkatraman is always great and yes the sizzling intimacy are always high ..i agree :D

    1. Yes once you get the taste of it... You wait to get the next book in hand ;-)

  8. Nice review. Sounds like a nice book. But romance is not my cup of tea. So will confine myself to reviews and blurbs in this genre.

  9. Can't wait to pick up the book. If i want to write hot romantic scenes like Sundari, Reshma, I want to write reviews as well as you do. What a review!

    1. Ohh my..... 😍. ( Now there is not just an angelic glow but a smug look as well on my face. )Thank you Sunita. You made my day. I am so glad you liked my review.

  10. I love Sundari's books for depicting strong, independent and thinking women. I have to keep up with this. The lady is churning out books faster than I can turn pages.

  11. I'm a huge fan of Sundari's books and this review makes me want to pick up the book right now! I have just completed reading The Smitten Husband and Man, the hero is hot! :)
    Fab commentary, Reshma :)
    Kohl-Eyed Me
    Something's Cooking

    1. I agree Shalzzz...Ram was really hard to handle and trust me Laxman is even more ;-) And the next wait for the twins story has started.
      Thank you Shalzzz.

    2. Let me reveal something to you here, Reshma. The twins will have separate books - Bharat in October and Shatrughan in November ;)
      Will reveal Bharat's title in the Fan Club :D

    3. 😍😍 ohh my !!! Yes... the wait is not going to be that long... Twin trouble in two different books double the hot quotient...Now will keep my eyes glued in the Fan Club 😍💕

    4. 😍😍 ohh my !!! Yes... the wait is not going to be that long... Twin trouble in two different books double the hot quotient...Now will keep my eyes glued in the Fan Club 😍💕

  12. I Have missed this book from Sundari maam's series.. n now ur review has made me curious to read it..:)

  13. Thank you Surbhi... You must definitely read the book its available in amazon.

  14. Reshma, I just posted The Smitten Husband after reading the book 2times in 2months. I am smacking myself for delaying and not taking up Sundari's offer to review her book earlier. I was preparing myself to pick up His drunken Wife sooner, but now you are making me want to read Her Secret Husband and HDW back-to-back. God ! after reading your review My red horn & white feathery angels are waving their finger already in told-you-so mockery :p Good review lady !

  15. Ohh my horns are glowing I know the book was just droolyyyy my eyes shining dreamily can put the hearts too;-) ...I am up for the reading it again too...


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