Book Review - Dangle by Sutapa Bose

Just like the title it was a Dangle. Amar and  Steve are projected as very virile and extremely attractive that Ipshita the globe trotter just cant resist. They are just the kind for vacation romance one reads in romances. And Akash the boy who would trigger the protective nature in everyone. It was odd when people around never noticed these three giving us readers warning it is not what it appears. And would we be surprised to realise it was all hallucination, a little yes, a little no. I tried to link the helicopter incident at first with Amar which didn’t link with, so yes I couldn’t predict what was coming up. It kept me at edge. Actually dangling until the last page. Especially the last page when it seemed all was solved and settled the book which was just a psychological suspense turned into a horror at least for me ;-) The ending did remind me of Sidney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams ending.

The locations: yes I use the word location as I am not able to replace it with anything else. Chicago, Manipur and Indonesia very colourfully and lively presented with words.
Ipshita, a self-made travel show designer and host, but with her own set of mental trauma she had been through. She is very impressive and likable. Adi her friend and confidante, first gave a brotherly feel to his presence around Ipshita. But soon we see the simmering feelings he has for Ipshita. As the story progresses we see Ipshita’s feelings for Adi growing.

It was a Dangle – Y read. GO for it!

Stunning, svelte, smart Ipshita is a globetrotter. She treks across the world to gather bytes for the travel chats she designs and hosts for TV channels. Despite being a self assured and sophisticated entrepreneur, Ipshita is haunted by a nameless fear. Social interaction with men unleashes psychotic turmoil inside her, making her wary of male attentions. Yet, the cold and aloof Ips is inexorably drawn to the three men she meets at different points in her journey. Her arousal to the overtures of these men catches her unawares. Well-built defenses break as her dormant sexuality go into overdrive until she discovers the horrifying truth about them…and herself. Life puzzles. Secrets tumble out. Will she be able to reclaim her life or let it dangle. 


  1. Thank you Reshma Ranjan for your wonderful review.

    1. It was a delight reading your book. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review :-) It is a pleasure to see readers enjoying Readomania books.

    1. More pleasure for the readers.:-) looking forward at reading more such great books from readomania


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