Book Review – Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

If you feel my words are going slurry and are finding it hard to flow in here and I am a bit loose with my words (wiping of the beads of sweat from my brows) well blame it on the Tequila mini cupcakes made by our own vamp Gayatri Dutta. (Pssst… it took a mad scientist or should I say ‘Mad hatter’ (as she calls him), to make her confess that she baked it. 
The last time I had a great girl buddy time was with Nora Roberts Bride Quartet –girls ;-) Thanks to Varsha Dixit I had a blast with “The Double trouble”  and Gayatri. Boy! Did they have some spunk and grit. They are cheeky and vivacious, loved the Nandini- Sneha the double trouble and their bonding.
The guys were great actually pssst drool worthy especially our Mad hatter, but once you read the book you will realise girls are more fun. No offence, boys ;-) Don’t you agree girls? (You could see the Halo glowing now on my head ;-) For girl Power.)
Never mind. But let me mention our Mad hatter whose real name is Viraj Dheer. Hot! Ahem…. Please wait as I reduce the temperature of my air conditioner.. wiping away the sweat. Hiding behind his loose hanging shirts and lab coat you have this hard muscled, handsome hunk. Trying to loosen imaginary color of my tops ;-) Just the con man to con our vamp Gayatri.
Romance has always been my love. Thank you Varsha for making me love some spunk with romance. My friend who suggested Varsha Dixit’s book had told me either you love her books or hate it. Trust me I am soooo in love with it that I am going to pick the Double trouble’s love ‘ishtory’ ;-)
Readers who have read the earlier books of the series would be surprised to get to the reason of what made Gayatri the ‘vamp’ and her story.  Loved every minute of it, also the palpable hunger and attraction. (Fanning myself with my hand ;-))

Love is in the air again…and this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!
Gayatri, a rich, spoiled diva, is fighting to establish herself even as her tyrant father pushes her into a life not of her choice. Viraj is a genius and a con who shuns society and its hypocrisies.
Gayatri sees Viraj only as a means to an end. For Viraj, Gayatri is the epitome of all that he despises. So when their paths cross, it is a battle of feisty wills and desire.
Will Gayatri and Viraj prove to be each other’s salvation or annihilation?
From the best-selling author of Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means Right End comes Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right. All the unforgettable characters of the earlier two bestsellers make a comeback in this unforgettable story of hurt, hearts and hope.
This is a tumultuous journey of two Wrongs who might just make everything Right!


  1. Thank you Reshma such a loving and adorable review. Feel so humbled and blessed (fanning my eyes) I like my women with spunk and men swoon worthy so you see them as my characters. Am so glad you enjoyed reading my book and hope you read more about 'double-trouble'. Thank you once again and good luck to you!

  2. All my pleasure... looking forward for more spunky women and swoon worthy men and of course the mini cupcakes with Tequilas ;-)


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