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Book Review - Destiny Embraces by P G Van

I am all excited and feeling all hearts and balloons (ahem... the two horns starts shining on my head) . Just as I had mentioned earlier when reviewed the first book I wanted more on other characters. As I was getting more glimpse into those character, I got hooked( my eyes all sparkly and can put a heart too;-) ).
Here In destiny embrace author PG Van had it all. 
Romance: Absolute steamy times...I still feel the hot quotient around.
Compatibility: Was A1... But the feel I got from the first book that Nick was too good to be true (seriously…’ men should have a little of  what we call roughness, don’t they? The evil glint is full on.) There he was letting Sameera have her way even if it was completely illogical ( I felt a little disheartened my eyes had drooped and lips turned down felt like a little sulking…..) Here it all changed completely.( My antennas up, eyes sparkly)  Nick stood firm to his principles. He loved her like crazy but he didn't let her wrap him around his little finger. ( Now I am literally drooling over him there was the perfect balance)
Sameera: as told is no less than a model. Beautiful, svelte and too good in her moves.( i am turning green with jealousy ... Or I can just ignore her I have slanted the lips with narrowed down eyes)
Nickil Bhatia: That beard hiding his dimples and Rajasthani Mustache...(ohh my now u can see two hearts shining bright in my eyes) Absolutely heart racing with towering figure and too handsome and headstrong for his own good.)
Suspence and Thriller : In just the right amount, holds you to the edge. You never see what’s coming. ( bitting of my nails .... ) Author has left some still to reveal portions for the next of the series. PG Van first book was nice romance but I never thought the second book would just raise my interest to what is going to happen next and what new would be revealed. When, the romance took in suspense and thriller never knew.( Eyes all round with wonder) The book never gave me a moment to ponder that. 
Looking forward to read the next... Very eagerly..(you can see the wide eyes excited smile playing on my lips.)
Until I get to grab the next of the series let me go to my own dashing Nick ... Oops sorry ;-) the ruler of my heart ;-) . 

Blurb :
“You like that too? It drives me nuts when you run your stubble against my neck”. I said my voice muffled against his burning skin. 
“Baby, I want you now”. He said with a deep hunger in his voice and added pulling my lips to his, “now, here. Let’s finish what we started this morning”. 
Sameera was having the best time of her life, after getting engaged to Nick, her childhood friend and now her fiancée who has promised to love her endlessly. 
Nick is ready to tie the knot but Sameera wants to keep her promise to the Rajput family, who is also Nick’s extended family. 
In spite all the pressure from all directions to get married to Nick while they are in India, Sameera tries to hold her ground so she can stick to her plan. 
Sameera and Nick experience shocking and surprising incidents and wonder if they were random or if they are linked to their destiny. 
Follow Sameera and Nick’s life as they enter a new phase of their relationship, as their destiny embraces them to answer the questions that have haunted two families for decades. 
Will Sameera and Nick solve the mystery behind a love story that happened decades before they were born? 

Note: This book is part of a series and can be considered a stand along. The book 1 is all about how destiny brings Nick and Sameera back together and book 2 is what happens after they get engaged. 

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At 14 September 2016 at 05:21 , Blogger Shree janani said...

Nice review. I suppose I should read this book!

At 14 September 2016 at 06:42 , Blogger Reshma Ranjan said...

You should try :-) I liked it more than Destiny Decides :the first in the series.

At 5 December 2018 at 03:49 , Blogger Karuna said...

Is this connected to the first book or we can read it as standalone without reading the first one


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