Book Review: The Prince’s Surprise Bride by Devika Fernando

A complete Royal romance by Devika Fernando.

 When you have already got hooked to the royal romance series and you have witnessed the special bride and stubborn bride falling in love with their respective Prince, you know you are about to witness another treat... The surprise bride and her Prince...
I and my other two have been on a loooooong break...No particular reason, I guess one of that mood which hits you and you don't feel like doing anything, no writing, no reading... I always say I can't survive without reading or writing. It's true I was just breathing but the ‘me’ which lives with my other two was in a deep and loooong slumber...
But here I am.........(My other two: one in white and a halo on her jet black hair, glowing white wings adorning her figure and all excited after reading "The Prince's Surprise bride". The other dressed in pure black and glowing red horns is all hearts in her eyes but as always a mischievous grin adorns her red lips...)

I have been looking forward to Prince Erik's story since I  met him with Prince Sebastian... His silence and calmness intrigued me....the love and passion of the silent and calm one will always surprise you and I was not wrong. 
The moment Jessica walked in front of him saving a puppy I knew Devika Fernando just got another ace up her sleeve...
The pull he felt towards her, and before he could contemplate on it, finding himself kidnapped along with Jessica an innocent girl who by the play of fate was stuck in this mayhem. But love meets no matter what the circumstances, the love had to blossom between them no matter the situations or premises. 

You have the romance in most unexpected places of all and slowly developing into a stronger connection between the two.  Prince Erik and his silence always intrigued you earlier and as the story progresses it makes you realise the depth and passion hidden inside the tall and always smiling guy.
 I loved every minute aspect of Prince Eric and Jessica’s relationship: A complete Royal romance by Devika Fernando.

Looking for the next in the series with hearts in all three of our eyes.


When Jessica is accidentally involved in the kidnapping of the Crown Prince of Eirik, her life turns upside down. Not only does she start questioning everything she has taken for granted, but she also falls head over heels in love with the charming Norse royal. Reality returns with a vengeance after their short but exhilarating time together, and Jessica is forced to bury all hopes for a love-filled fairytale and fight for her future as well as her ailing father’s health. But then Prince Erik makes her an offer too good to refuse. Should she listen to her heart or her head?

Prince Erik has always put his kingdom before himself, but that changes when fate tempts him with this amazing woman from Germany. He is determined to win Jessica over, even if it means opening up old wounds. When push comes to shove and not only his heart but also his country is at stake, will he find the strength to make love overcome all obstacles thrown into their path?


  1. Thank you so much for this great review, Reshma! I'm glad you enjoyed Book 3 too.

  2. Absolutely loved escaping into your royal romance book 3. Getting eager to slip into the next❤.


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