Book Review: half pants full pants by Anand Suspi

An adorable book!

The book takes you back into the past. The simplicity, the nostalgic moments and especially the colloquial usages eg, ‘without a paisa of doubt’, will win your heart. It sure takes you for a trip down the memory lane. 
The Spielberg's pet’s influence on the young narrator is hilarious. I am curious as to know how the boy did the bus, glass wall, and the bottle while doing a break dance(I am assuming those are some moves in break dance). Every innocent and adventurous moment left a smile on my lips.
A must read for the readers who love a trip down the memory lane into the innocent adventures of childhood. Every chapter is a fun adventure.
Every chapter is a delight, loved how the author brought in the innocent language of the child so realistically. My other two one in white and with a halo and one in black with her horns shining bright and I had a nostalgic adventure through the childhood again through new realms.
An absolute fun read!
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Half Pants Full Pants is a sort of childhood autobiography set in Shimoga of the 70s and 80s. Given the era and milieu that he grew up in, it carries a flavor similar to that of Malgudi Days. All the characters in the book are real and most of them are still in Shimoga, of course now in their mid-40s. Quite a few are from prominent families and are now active and important members of Shimoga. The book vividly captures the real childhood adventures of this generation of people in Shimoga. It’s a glorious reminiscence as well as a tribute to this wonderful town.


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