Book Review: Lean In To Relationships by Rishabh Jhol

A nice journey to embark on!

This book is a journey through some great cities and also into oneself. There is a glimpse of the famous American Dream which makes people flock to this country.
The details, sometimes minor and at other times major, makes the book interesting. The author has opted for a different narration technique. It is a travelogue served with spices made of human emotions and garnished with philosophical and spiritual thoughts.
I would have preferred a little more editing to make it crisper. And some of the words used seemed too lofty and interrupted the flow of the book.
Overall, it is the protagonist’s journey through different places, love, and life. As a reader, it is a nice journey to embark on!
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Madeeha works in Jordan to rehabilitate Syrian refugees. Zehen, a social entrepreneur from India, is intrigued and charmed by her, and falls deeply in love. But the world political climate, with its accompanying cultural chronicles about terror and pain, infects his mind. He begins to suspect that she is a possible mujahid. Will he be able to uncover the truth? 

Zehen begins to process the roots of his fear and suspicion while on a month-long coast-to-coast journey across the US. Will he find liberation? Will their love survive?


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