Book Review : Doctor Spy Stalker by Usha Narayanan

A feisty lady, a simple doctor and a spy!

When I read the blurb I wondered if the theme would be a love-triangle, which I’m not fond of usually. Though the starting indicated that, soon I knew who to root for. I loved every moment of it. The feisty psychologist and the dashing stranger leaves you craving for more.
With an exciting ride with Neal on his bike or the cute moment of picking up the puppy, you will have your heart in a twist in no time. It’s not just the romance but the thrill of it all. You wouldn’t see it coming until late. My doppelgangers (the one in white with the halo and the one in black with shining horns) had a blast drooling over Neal and feisty Kamna.  If Ms. Halo shook her head at Kamna or Neal’s behaviour, Ms. Horns was having a gala time. 
I expected a closure for Purushu and was disappointed when it wasn’t addressed. But for that, I enjoyed the book immensely.
Doctor, Spy and Stalker is my first book of Usha Narayanan, but after this book I will certainly grab more books from the author.
Check out the book from goodreads and juggernaut.

Kamna is a psychiatrist in Chennai. Her colleague Purush is rich, handsome and madly in love with her. When a dashing stranger, Neel, enters her life, she is drawn to him like a magnet. But then , an intruder crashes into her home and threatens her life. Can Kamna find love amid such danger?

Danger, deception and sizzling chemistry drive the story forward to a crackling climax.

This is a quirky, fast-paced romance that will keep you turning the pages!


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