Book Review: Why Go Indie TBC Writer's Toolkit Book 1 by Devika Fernando

TBC has come out with this amazing collection of booklets which can guide an aspiring author through the path of self-publishing and going indie. This is Vol 1 of TBC’s writer’s toolkit.
This book gives the reason why most of us went indie. This book is the perfect push and encouragement for the authors who are not sure how to go about publishing. This book has a clear description of pluses of self-publishing. Author Devika has very clearly spelled out the reason, why go Indie.
I’m certainly looking forward to reading others in the series.
Grab the book here.

Go indie - it's the path more and more authors choose!
Have you ever thought of going indie? Are you a traditionally published author interested in switching to self-publishing? Or an aspiring author considering various publishing options?
This concise booklet will show you reasons to go indie and give you an overview of the advantages of self-publishing books. It also shines a light on the 6 F's of self-publishing.

This eBook written by an Amazon-bestselling indie author is part of the TBC Writer's Toolkit series in which experienced authors offer advice. Check out the other volumes for a step-by-step guide on how to become a successful indie author.


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