Book Review - Her Bohemian Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

Wickedly handsome hunk on a Wicked mean Motor cycle and a Wicked dragon tattoo in an absolutely Wicked Read ;-)

Do you know that itch in the palm, and that tingle in the stomach to pick the book? Especially when you have read the story, romance, and love of each and every member of the family and you know, he is going to be the last from the family to give us that toe-curling romance. Until of course, the next gen is there, all grown up to take us to that dreamland of love and wanting. 
After about three weeks of writing and a twisted ankle, I finally got to pick a book and what better than a scorchingly wicked romance from Sundari Venkatraman. My other both, one in back and red horns and the other in white and large wonderful wings have woken up from the languorous slumber they have been settled into. That too with a pretty scorching jolt.
Here we have the youngest of the Maheshwari brood Shatrughan Maheshwari – the globetrotter, the bohemian gypsy, an avid travelling enthusiast. Psssttt…. An absolute hunk, as a matter of fact. An identical twin to Bharat Maheshwari a Supermodel and a Playboy now tamed by Dia to surrender his freedom willingly to get hitched to her.(Their story you can catch in ‘The Casanova’s wife’ available in Amazon as well.)
You have a man who had wanted to follow his dreams and settling in one place is not much thought about or settling down never an option for near future. (perfect recipe for a heart stealing rake I am all whistles and my other two’s are joining in with their cat calls for this hunk a wink too to add on…))He is not only stumped by meeting this young woman who is equally comfortable in her skin as he is in his but also so content and happy. Avantika the tall brown eyed had him the moment he set his eyes on her. A successful dancer, choreographer and also running a successful dance troupe. He tried hard to keep her at a distance but in vain(she happened to be his sister in law’s friend hence off limits as  the only thing he was looking for was a temporary affair ). If the girl is a go getter and wouldn’t budge from what she wants what can he do as…’he’ is what she wants!
An absolutely fun read and as I was feeling sad of having finished reading all the tales of Maheshwari’s but ( yes there is a but wink and the wicked smile on) as always the author has left us with a glimpse of another ‘would be’ protagonist Vidyut Kamath( I am starry and hearty eyed in wait for the next one. Can’t stop grinning.) 
An enamouring group of brothers and their equally enamouring ladies. Romance lovers! I and my other two had a great time reading the Maheshwari’s. If you have not picked your pick, grab one soon. I will bet you wouldn’t be disappointed.  
You know what I was wondering asking my husband how about a bohemian lifestyle for a change. (My wicked grin reaching one ear to the other. And the horns shining bright.) He would love the mean motor cycle and all but I don’t think he would be game for a tattoo. (Winking with a giggle.) Until I grab another book, take care  my readers…


Shatrughan, the youngest of the Maheshwari scions, lives his life travelling around the globe. Yeah, he’s struck by wanderlust and can’t remain at home for more than a couple of weeks at one time. 
Avantika Kamath, the dusky beauty from Bengaluru, has chalked out a rocking career for herself as a dancer, heading her own troupe, as well as being a Bollywood choreographer. It is love at first sight for her when she sets eyes on Shatru at her best friend Dia’s wedding to his twin, Bharat. 
Shatru’s attracted to Avantika but fears the commitment as he leads a Bohemian life while her life’s grounded. Can the two ends meet? Will Avantika be able to juggle her career and the marriage she wants with Her Bohemian Husband?


  1. Thank you so much Reshma for buying my book so fast, reading even faster and reviewing it the fastest.
    And what a lovely review at that! :D

    1. It is a delight reading your romances. The review is the true feelings from my heart. Loved the journey of the Maheshwari's. Shatru remained true to the series, heart stealing hunk with his heart capturing romance❤


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