Book Review: Rose Garden International By Sundari Venkatraman

Packing my bags, Ooty here I come!

Me and my other two, the one in white( with her pure white wings fluttering and her halo bright still in the world Sundari Venkatraman had created), and the other in black (with her red horns beacon like and excited about the love story) are eager to visit Ooty again as it has been so romantically pictured without letting go of the local flavor and adding to Ooty’s picturesque beauty with Sundari’s vivid imagination.
As always an avid romance lover and I am waiting to grab the next of Sundari Venkatraman as it hit the shelves of Amazon.
She churns book every month like a well maintained machine. I have often wondered isn’t she ever hit with a writer’s block or one of those moods.  But you know what, even that small gap is becoming hard for me to wait for the next. Well, that I guess guys is the magic of Sundari Venkatraman. Once you are pulled into the whirlpool of her story telling there is no going back.
And as to my first exclamation, after reading the book one would really wish they could just drop everything and rush to check on Ooty. It so romantically and beautifully depicted that apart from falling in love with Rhea and Jamie’s story one would fall in love with Ooty, the cottage and the building which now has been converted into a 5 star hotel.  The british influence left in the architecture of the place. It pulls you in.
Rhea Bhansal has found her calling in the hotel industry and has built the Rose Garden International a 5 star hotel to its present name and stature. She no longer had any challenge left when she become alive with one presence Jamie Scott. Jamie Scott an interior designer who didn’t take long to let go of his projects in Ooty and confidently settle in Ooty. The setting of the British influenced building, the cool Ooty climate and two absolutely strong personalities and unavoidable sparks flying, there was never going back. The gradual development of the story, Rhea and Jamie slowly getting to knowing each other, Rhea trying to make sure of her feelings and Jamie giving her time and space to come to terms with her strong feelings for him, it was all endearing.
I loved the female protagonist’s strength and confidence and the male protagonist who doesn't throw around his machismo around.
And finally I absolutely loved the way the bad guy was handled. (The smug and content look on, on all three of us, my other two and I. Wouldn’t mind doing a victory dance.)

Interior Designer Jamie Scott from Australia feels a strange connection to Ooty, a hill station in South India—what one would say, ‘a call of the soul’. Then there are those diaries that his grandmother had left behind. Jamie decides to go on a holiday to Ooty.

Rhea Bansal runs 5-star hotel Rose Garden International on oiled wheels, as its managing director. She finds herself at a loose end—as if there’s no challenge left in her life.

And soon, the challenge walks into her life...

Will Rhea, with her broken relationships, be able to forge a new and lasting one, that too one that’s interracial? Will she let anyone get close enough to reach her heart? 

More complications set in though, in the form of a policeman and a politician. 

Read the story to see if the high-powered businesswoman from North India who has settled in the South and the laidback artist from Alice Springs in Australia can have a life together.

*Rose Garden International is the second book in the trilogy "The Bansal Legacy".


  1. Thank you so much Reshma for that wonderful review :D

    1. Loved the romance and fell in love with Ooty as well!😍


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