Trying to allure Romance lovers!!!

Are excerpts alluring? 

Excerpts are a quick glimpse of what the book holds. There have been times when more than a book cover or the book title the excerpts pull you in. I have picked a lot of books when the excerpts have pulled me towards it. And trust me it is too alluring that you cannot escape it and seriously which book lover would want to. So when my friends tagged me to put an excerpt from my book I couldn’t ignore. Here is an excerpt from my first book “Love Sees No Reason”… Hope you all enjoy it just as I had enjoyed writing it.

 In one quick stride she moved forward and buried herself in his tall broad frame. Ria was crying and laughing at the same time, she couldn’t stop. His hands remained at his sides. She was about to move away when suddenly he let his arms close around her slim body. His grip was vice-like, crushing her against him. She felt his arms wrapped around her in a strong protective embrace. She had never felt this safe before. But she never had really been this close to him physically. The tears, which had dried up over the past year, came pouring out. She could feel his strong hand caressing her slender back, consoling and comforting her. Her hands tightened around him, clutching desperately to his shirt as if he was the only pillar which she could hold on to, to save herself from being drowned in the vast sea engulfing her.

When Ria slowly loosened her hold around him, she experienced a strange feeling in her stomach. She felt her body reacting to him in a way she never believed it could. She slowly raised her head to look up at his face. She felt his hand move towards her neck to caress the soft skin there. She didn’t know what possessed her but she was waiting for his lips to come down on hers. She slowly raised herself on her toes and gasped when he lifted her off the ground. His lips brushed hers softly, tantalisingly, and her lips parted in response. She felt his tongue exploring her full lips and felt herself melting in his embrace like molten lava. As his kiss grew deeper and more demanding, she felt as if her body was on fire.

 Reluctantly he raised his head and slowly, as if she were a delicate crystal doll, he placed her back on the floor. As she felt the floor under her feet, a fit of dizziness washed through her. She might have trembled and swayed, because the next moment he lifted her in his arms as if she were as light as a feather and took her to the bed. Gently he laid her on the bed and turned away. She felt a jolt of panic. “Don’t leave me…again.” She didn’t know what made her say that but a feeling so strong had never gripped her before. In the dim light she saw a flicker of emotion pass through his eyes and he nodded. Unfolding the blanket he tucked her in as though she were a small child. She wanted to talk but he placed a long tapering finger on her lips. “Shhh… sleep now.”

He lay by her side with his arm over the blanket which cocooned her in its warmth. She could feel pain shoot up through her arm. Her tiredness won over her pain, and as she drifted off  to sleep, she whispered almost incoherently, “But you are dead!”

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Did you enjoy it enough to grab my book? My other two and I are looking forward to hearing from you all… 


  1. I was quickly pulled into the excerpt and deeply engrossed in it until you suddenly you threw a bucket of water over my head with the dialogue, "But you are dead!"
    Good one Reshma! :D I am not telling though I've already read the book ;)

  2. Can I have kindle edition please

  3. Thank you for the interest ❤. But I'm afraid this book 'Love Sees No Reason is only available in Paper Back on Amazon. The publisher has not yet released the ebook version of the book.
    But if interested, my next release 'Blind, Certainly Is Love ' is available on Kindle.

  4. Thanks Reshma. Already finished that was good.
    If they publish kindle edition, please let me know


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