Book Review: Carthick's Unfairy Tale

Truly a collection of  Unfairy Tales!

Entirely an out of the box perspective on fairy tales!
This book has some darkness, cynicism, and humour woven into the fairy tales we have read. I would say a very interesting take on the fairy tales. Some moments are rather shocking but it holds you for the next tale.
From the mice to town Hamelin and from the arrogant frog to a wicked magician who wanted the boy to go up the beanstalk, the curiosity of Rumpelstiltskin etc… you are bound to be surprised at the author’s interpretation. One is left wondering, ‘Is it the same fairy tale that we have read?’ After every tale, you are left wondering which other character's eyes, the author is going to write the next tale.
A quick, new and different take on fairy tales! And trust me true to its title it is a collection of Unfairy Tales.
An evil dragon. A damsel in distress. A concerned father seeking a savior. A hero galloping off to the rescue – a knight in shining armor. Now THAT is stuff of fairy tales. 

But what if the father’s real concern is for the dragon’s hoard; What if the damsel’s reason of distress is the marriage proposal by her pompous savior; and what if the story is told by the horse who bears not only the overweight knight but also his heavy, shining armor all the way to the dragon’s lair and back, facing certain death in the process?

What if there was more – much more – to all your favourite fairy tales than meets the eye?

This book chronicles not one but seven such unfairy tales – tales told by undead horsemen and living cities. Tales of mistreated hobgoblins and misunderstood magicians. Tales of disagreeable frogs and distressed mice. And bears baring their souls. Once you read these stories, you will never be able to look at a fairy tale the same way ever again


  1. Thanks a lot for the review, Reshma. Glad you liked the tale.


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