Book Review : Sins Of The Fathers by Sunanda Chatterjee

A delightful read!

Sins of father haunting once life is as painful as it can get. From love to pain and from pain back to love is a journey the author weaves in this book.
As always Sunanda Chatterjee takes you through unexpected twists and turns before you get to have the happy ending. The story builds up the emotions and anxiety. The troubles and pain the characters go through are brought out so well with its pulsating build up, and the beautiful culmination of the journey is so fit for the story.
The love between the protagonists is so smooth and soft, it left a mark on my heart. A delightful read! A great blend of suspense, drama, and romance.
Police Officer Harrison McNamara grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. The former Wellington Estates heir has dedicated his life to taking criminals off the streets. But when he goes undercover to expose a blackmailing scheme, he meets a freelance model who may hold a key to his past.

For psychologist Laura Carson, freelancing as a model is the perfect bridge until she can set up her practice. But her modeling agency isn’t what she expected. Encountering the enigmatic undercover cop might be everything she’s ever wanted—and everything she must avoid.

As Laura and Harrison grow closer, their past threatens to destroy them. Trapped in an unending cycle of guilt and blame, can they find a way to bury the sins of the past for a future of redemption and love?

Book 1 of the Wellington Estates Series, Sins of the Father is a stand-alone romantic saga.

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