Book Review - Karthikeya by Usha Narayanan

Mythological stories most of us have heard since our childhood back in India. From our Grandparents, Parents, Uncles, and Aunts. Picking Usha Narayanan’s book is always a trip back to those storytelling sessions. Very nostalgic! Except here we have more details and nuances which either we would have forgotten having heard or was not a part of the narration we heard.
The extensive research she has done to collect all the information on the deity who is known with different names in different parts and very many stories about him has brought this book alive in a readers mind.
Every book of Usha’s I’ve read is beautiful. This is my third book of Usha Narayanan.
Karthikeya gives a lot to envision and savor. Here in this book the wars and violence were heart-wrenching. Some images are going to haunt me for ages. Usha Narayan's imageries of war are very very vivid.  
All in all, it’s a great read.

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He was the son of fierce Durga and three-eyed Shiva. He had been born, he had lived, and he would die if need be, for a divine purpose-to kill the Soul Stealer
Surapadma's reign of terror flourishes and the fate of all creatures-mortal and immortal-hangs in the balance. Shiva's son, Kartikeya, must destroy several formidable asuras before he can confront the Soul Stealer and salvage the dying, gasping universe.
But Kartikeya, whisked away by mysterious forces to live amidst birds and beasts on a bleak mountainside, is ignorant of his destiny, and struggles to find his identity. Not even Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva come to his aid. He can win the final battle only if he can discern his enemy's weakness and his own inner strength.
Will Shiva's son rise to the challenge before it is too late? The world waits with bated breath. . .


  1. Thank you for the aweeawe review, Reshma! I like keeping our rich lore alive as you have pointed out.


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