Book Review: Destined by Rubina Ramesh

Why should a woman be made to choose? Why can’t she choose both, duty and Love?

When the burden of pain and the fear of losing your love is bearing upon you, just the presence of someone next to you is too valuable.
Esha’s struggle to be strong as she stood by her father in his battle with cancer, and the Deja vu she experiences is heart wrenching. And trust me, I was so engrossed in her pain that I was shocked at my desire to hit Ayush.
Out of the blue came a marriage proposal, a contractual marriage for six months, meant to benefit her father’s treatment and to remove the complications in Rohan’s life. What they both didn’t see coming (to the delight of my two doppelgangers—the one in white with a halo on top of her head and the one in black with red horns) was the intense attraction between them.

The brewing friendship, companionship, intimacy, and finally love was perfect. Not even a second of dullness. The book holds you to Esha and Rohan’s romance till the end. I and my two doppelgangers loved the romance and their chemistry immensely. With her second novel, author Rubina Ramesh has made me eager to grab her next book. 

Esha Mehra could have taken care of her father, only if she had some support from her fiancé. But he had his priorities set and her sick father was nothing but a burden. Esha didn't have any other choice but to apply for a loan from her office. But she had not banked on the fact that the Head of Geno Technologies needed her for other reasons.

When Rohan Sharma saw Esha for the first time, he felt she was the one. He had no intention of falling in love with her for the pain of the past was still too much to bear. 
But he did need Esha as a decoy to his plan. But Esha was not a damsel in distress who would bend to his will easily. While he was sure that he would marry her only for six months, he still couldn’t understand why he felt a searing jealousy every time, her ex-fiancé Ayush’s name was mentioned.

While these two souls had other plans in their lives, Destiny conspires to bring them together. But will the stench of Death let them live their lives?


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