Book Review: Awaken the Durga Within - From Glum to Glam, Caged to Carefree by Usha Narayanan

In the name of age-old culture how many of us women are stomped from letting our self be just us everyday every moment in our life. Here in this book Usha Narayanan the best selling author of the mythological novels has brought out this amazing book. Here with examples from the very age-old Puranas she gives imparts strength and power to women to take control.

The Puranas are considered to be the base of our cultures, isn't it? And it is full of mentions of Godesses and how she is shakthi, kamini, and durga as well. So why not revive the very essence of them from inside us, from inside our souls.

 The very plus of this book and what I really loved about it is how Usha Narayanan has blended the mythology into this guide. So perfectly she has brought the mythology and present-day women together to empower them.

If you are a woman who is feeling low and need that push and energy to get the zing and power back in life, this book certainly does that. And as Usha Narayanan has very wisely said women facing violence and other severe mental traumas should contact the right help. And this book is not for the moment when you hit rock bottom but for the time when you can gain back control. 
A perfect gift to all the women in your life. It's high time we took our life into our hands.

The book is available here.


Awaken the Durga Within is a handy, easy-to-follow guide to help every woman assert themselves at home and work and reclaim their life. As a woman in a patriarchal country like India, they are often held back by family or society; and even education or employment does little to help improve their status.Bringing in the lesser-known and exciting stories about goddesses from the Hindu mythology, Awaken the Durga Within puts forward practical solutions that can be implemented immediately, without compromising on values and principles. These stories will help invoke the ‘Shakti’ within every woman so as to transform their minds and transcend their limits. Identify the fears holding you back and discover a pithy, three-step process to help you take control of your life and garner respect. Make choices that are right for you and experience the rewards. Discover the true spirit of feminism wherein women are given the same rights, power, and opportunities as men.


  1. Such a well thought-out review highlighting the crucial points I was trying to make! Thanks much for the awesome review Reshma!

    1. Thank you for the awesome read. It is certainly very empowering read.


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