Book Review: The Doppelganger by Ruchira Khanna

A very different read! 

As I picked up the book the last thing, I had in my mind was that it was a fantasy. The story went from a very realistic take to a sudden plunge into fantasy. It was an amazing roller coaster ride with the boys and later with the protagonist. Of course, the dog adds on to the story.
A good quick read with unexpected twists and turns. A very different take to death and love. The fantasy interlaced to realism adds to its charm.
The author has managed to take the readers through a very different journey than her earlier books.
A very different read! 

Sandra lost her husband, Sam, and was lonely in this not-so-alone world until she met Sam’s look-alike, Fran, from another world. Will Fran be able to provide all the happiness Sandra has been yearning since Sam’s physical body left?

The Doppelg√§nger is a metaphysical short story that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as the astral and physical bodies clash. 


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