Book Review: The Time Is Now by D R Downer

 A good and very different type of writing! 
This is the first book I have read of Deep R Downer and my first experience with screenplay sort of writing. His experiment certainly has paid off. I certainly enjoyed reading it.  
Only regret being I wanted more of the story.

The story was smooth and set in a very beautiful setting. And every character very smoothly molded into the plot. 
The matured love story was very beautifully handled.
The unexpected twist was cherry on top. A nice quick read. Will eagerly look forward to picking up authors other works. 


What possibly could an Ex-Major, an Ex-College Professor, a bookstore manager, and a college student have in common? Has fate brought them all together to rekindle some old flames or to start an entirely new one?

The Time Is Now is a short, sweet, unusual, un-cliched, and a mature love story. With just four main characters and one locale, the story is like a leisurely walk around the park on a pleasant summer evening that relaxes you and recharges you at the same time. It is sure to leave you with a mirthful feeling in the end and possibly moist eyes too.


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