Book Review: Evil Twin? by PG Van

A sizzling extension of love!!!

Sports Motorcycle, sports car, motorcycle jacket ...and an absolute handsome broad shouldered hunk to fit in....PG Van you had me there!!!
Of the very few of erotic novels I have tried I have felt deprived of romance. But here you have the perfect blend of erotic suspense-romance!
That is what PG Van has in store for her readers. I loved spicy Reyan wooing the unsure Vinnie into a very hot and emotional relationship here. If Nick from Destiny's series of PG Van was so very good guy, we have here Reyan a cousin of Nick with a more greyer shades ( a naughty wink from all three of us: me, Miss Black and Miss White) like normal men, a little anger, a little dominance, a little over protective and a little too sure of himself. But that’s what makes him so badly spicy( as PG Van herself calls Reyan) 
Miss Black, Miss White and I had our share of fun reading it. Miss White was flushed starlet, contrast to her complete white attire and her pure white wings and of course the bright halo and Miss Black had that devilish gleam, her red horns glowing bright red and her black attire standing out completely content after having absolutely devilish fill for the day.
A complete package: the suspense, love, friendship, family attachments and the highlight absolutely too steamy moments which leaves you reeling by the end.
The blend PG Van maintained through out of both love and physical intimacy which is an extension to their love without letting go of the depth of emotions is commendable.
A new spin to the twin stories! If you don’t mind a heavy dose of physical intimacy with a nice suspense-romance this is it. 
The friendship, soul sister, aunt -niece, cousins, mother daughter, father- daughter( even though for just a moment) , sisters, sexual orientations and above all couples crazily attracted to each other and in love all the mix well added without letting it go overboard...

I would love to read a romantic ride of one of the other characters here.  PG Van all hearts and stars in the eyes waiting for another sizzling read. (Miss Black and Miss White eagerly waiting too…)

Vinnie lost her parents when she was ten and lives in San Francisco with her aunt and her teenage cousin. She never expected a simple act of kindness would be life altering. Reyan comes into her life threatening to shake up her focus and challenges her resolve. He is everything Vinnie wants in a man and he shows up just when she thought she had everything she needed to stay focused on her life and her goals. 
Will he crack her titanium tough exterior and get to her heart? Will she let him into her life especially with what she has been through since she was ten? Will she trust Reyan to help her recover from her emotional wounds? 
Will she get to the bottom of why people think they have seen her at places that she has never been to before. Does she have a doppleganger or a twin? 
Follow Vinnie's and Reyan's love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust and family.


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