Book Review – Twin Torment by Sundari Vekatraman

When you confuse your teenage crush as love … And your love as lust ......

Even worse when you doubt your feelings now for someone else (wait not someone else but your crush’s twin) to be lust and not love….
Growing up in a haze holding onto your crush and slowly starting to believe you are in love with your crush even after not having met him.... Sounds crazy? 
Well then Sanya is crazy. 
After returning to meet her crush… no her love of the life she realises she still hates his twin because he used to torment her during their teen years...
Her love of life is not there to say a hi to her or just be there, and all the attention she gets is from the twin who had tormented her. Her body sings at tormenting twins touch or kiss.
She feels disloyal to Arth her love for life. But her traitor body reacts only to Ansh the tormenting twin.
You have it all whatever you expected from a Sundari Venkatraman book.
1. The sizzling chemistry. (Wicked Miss Black is still uncurling her toes)
2. The innocent and uncomplicated looking love for the protagonists (though we have the complications unaware to them). Miss White is still praising Miss Sanya's blind love for Arth, her pure white wings fluttering in excitement.
3. A handsome, drool worthy, successful and loyal to the core hunk. Here I am fanning myself, with the tiny ladies mimicking me.
4. And an equally beautiful, intelligent woman with purpose in life. Woman of substance have been always loved by all three of us.(Of course me, Miss Black and Miss White)
5. Sundari Venkatraman's character any for the matter are not just black and white. They are grey just like whom we find around us. Still existing Jane Austen books groom hunting mothers to the rich husband seeking ladies, but just the ‘grey’. I loved that. A very relatable happily ever after romance for a quick read. That area is something my little Miss Black likes a lot as her red horn glows.
6. An unexpected complication called 'Heart'.

As always I am wondering who next? Who is the next Maheshwaris? Or would it be a stand-alone. Mind churning to find out, who it would be next?  Hearts in my eyes and Miss Black and Miss White perched on each of my shoulders frowning hard with their tiny little heads.

London based Sanya Chaturvedi is bored of the party circuit. The only child of a rich businessman, Sanya hates her aimless life and grabs the chance to revisit Mumbai, where she had spent the first twelve years of her life. 

The main attraction is her childhood sweetheart Arth Sharma. She hopes to rekindle the love she used to feel for him as a kid. 

Sanya’s thrilled with the opportunity to holiday with the Sharmas. But it’s Arth’s tormenting twin Ansh who insists on spending time with her while the man of her dreams is never around. And the worst part is that her body plays traitor, lusting after the devilishly handsome Ansh. 

Will Sanya find relief from her bored life? And the love she came in search of? Read the book to find how destiny plays a strong role as Sanya deals with the Twin Torment in her life. 

Want to get hold of this one? Go to Goodreads, Amazon USA, Amazon India, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK and AmazonAustralia.


  1. ALREADY!!! you read as fast as I write ;) Thank you so much for one more awesome review

    1. Trying to cope up with your speed ;-) jokes apart enjoying and savoring each of your books and ardently waiting for the next ❤


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