Book Review – Only Wheat not White by Varsha Dixit

Love is all what matters whether be it, Wheat or White!
1. When you have grown out of you adolescence believing your close knit family broke because someone ‘White’ stole your sister away from your family seven seas apart. 
2. Now you have to go to the same city where your sister and her White love is living with their family when yours  was shattered just because they had to fall in love.
3. The first and only promise your family takes from you when you go to the land seven seas away from work -  " Only Wheat not White" 
4. And Dang of all the men… that pull... that attraction is towards only one man who has been crossing through rather barging in your life in the city is one  Mr. White.

I know, I know you don’t expect the blurb as it would be already there and I needn't write again. (Miss Black and Miss White are smiling beatifically) Because the story is really tricky and leaves you believing there is absolutely no way it’s going to be happy especially where her family is concerned. 

This romance with a blend of humour holds you all the way along.
The very concept of accepting a White into the very conservative Indian family, a husband and wife struggling to live with a burden of the same, one of them struggling hard to find the roots; she had to leave behind to be with her love… just not the right way and one poor lady trying hard to keep this Mr White out of her heart because he is not Wheat. Also Mr White is struggling hard to understand the very concept.
Loved every moment of it.
What has love to do with race, caste or skin colour finally it is meant to conquer hearts for the better. 

Every time I read a Varsha Dixit I am in awe. Especially how she blends the humour so realistically to the story telling. It’s not just the story but also the humour and fun which add the charm to the book.

What if following your heart means failing your family? Eila Sood leaves India for the U.S., hoping to unite her family and mend fences with her estranged older sister. She soon learns that her sister's intercultural marriage, which outraged their parents, has hit rock bottom. To help pay the bills, Eila accepts an accounting job at a strip club, working for the fascinating yet infuriating Brett Wright. As their friendship and mutual desire builds, Eila chooses keeping family peace over following her heart. After Brett misinterprets her fears and accuses Eila of prejudice, his ex-girlfriend steps in to offer solace. Eila realizes that whichever choice she makes will rip her life apart. What will Eila choose? Love of her life or a life ruled by tradition? Fall in love with love, in this steamy saga from a best selling romance author.

Looking forward to pick another one of Varsha Dixit.

Love is all what matters whether be it Wheat or White. Grab " Only Wheat not White from Goodreads , Amazon USA, Amazon India, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK and Amazon Australia.


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