Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Book Review - Fighting for Tara by Sunanda J Chatterjee

Very intense fight of a mother who herself is too young to not have her own mother to cuddle her. The sadness, the belief, the strength a mother has in her to fight for her child without thinking twice about her own needs. (Me and my two others sniffed, smiled, felt the pain and finally the contentment, we felt them all)

The story is so intricately woven in a remote village to America back to India. The village,women's center, adoption, America, parents, sisters , jealousy, friend, enemy, boyfriend, date rape, engagement, court, religion, beliefs, anger, leukemia, DNA, righteousness, love, trust, sacrifice.  A saga worth every moment of reading.
A tight, emotional read. Started slowly and the pace just picked up. There was not a single moment you feel as made up or wanting to skip through the words. You want to read every word and travel with Hansa and Tara through out all the way.
The contrast in life in India as a Child Bride and then as a young teenager in America both so realistic. Commendable narration by the author. You can easily see the story running through your head. The character development is worth mentioning. The normal teenagers and Hansa- the difference so clear yet their thoughts like any normal kids. 
A great read and glad to have received this book through The Book Club for an honest review.
Wont be disappointed.
Dont want to give any spoilers. Just Read it!
How far will a mother go to save her child?
“I have no use for a baby girl. Get rid of her tonight!” He towered over her as she cringed in fear.
But Hansa, a thirteen-year-old child-bride in rural India, refuses to remain a victim of the oppressive society where a female child is an unwanted burden. Instead of drowning her baby, Hansa escapes from her village with three-month-old Tara.
Hansa soon discovers that life as a teenage mother is fraught with danger. But a single lie opens the door to a promising opportunity far from home.
Just seven years later, Hansa finds herself fighting for Tara’s life once more, this time in an American court, with a woman she calls ‘Mother.’
Will the lie upon which Hansa built her life, defeat its own purpose? How can she succeed when no one believes the truth? 
A story of two mothers, two daughters and a fight to save a child, Fighting for Tara explores the depth of love and motherhood.

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