Book Reviews - The Prince's Stubborn Bride by Devika Fernando

Grab a cup of coffee and this book.
Can you resist if the there is an absolutely rebellious and an absolute devil may care prince who is ready to go in search of an adventure renouncing his throne? 

Well trust me, if you know Sebastian you can't. You are a goner the moment you watch his silent approach. Me and my other two's: one dressed in black with her red horns and the other dressed in white with her white wings both languorously still in a Hangover of a really solid overdose of Prince Sebastian. If you think I am just gaga over the Prince alone: No!  The Princess Olivia is none the less. She stands eye to eye against the world which is trying hard to pull her down because she is a woman. She shows the spine to stand tall against the men who believe a Queen can never rule alone and she needs to married and need a man to guide her, support her and help her rule. 
Me and my other two are really feeling glad and pretty happy about how Princess Olivia turned out to be a real strong woman to be reckoned with. Prince Sebastian sticking to his strength is secured enough to love her, her strength and trusting her with the country and ruling.
Loved every stolen moment between Sebastian and Olivia, the intensity and passion so sizzling and toe curling, I won’t mind going back and reading them again. (The wicked grin on and I can see the red horn on my other's head glowing as she does a jiggle happily especially thinking of revisiting those toe curling moments. You will surprised my other one in white is excited as well she is trying hard to hide the broad grin on her face.)
But trust me not just the romance and passion but the tension was intense too. As everything around her were forming a tight noose around her neck Olivia stood on strong. Her confusion as once a support and a pillar to lean on : Sebastian is suddenly gone leaving her wondering why he left her hanging. 
Now if I don’t mention this neither will I feel content nor will my other two let me relax. I am eager to get a glimpse of Prince Erik. From whatever Devika Fernando has showed about the Prince in this book, we can really look forward to the intense and equally enthralling man behind the smiling face of ohhhh so taaallll Prince.
Princess Olivia has just lost her husband. She is all alone in a foreign kingdom in desperate need of a ruler who can make it prosper again. Prince Sebastian is the only one who can help her prevent an uprising – but he has a reputation for being a loner and a rebel. Can she trust him when it seems that everyone else has a hidden agenda?


  1. Thanks for the great review, I'm glad Prince Sebastian stole your heart. ;-)

    1. 😍😍He did... Now waiting for Prince Erik.😍

  2. Seems like a lovely strong woman hero read :) Trying to catch up to this book.
    Thank you Reshma for the review and Cheers to Devika for the entire series!

  3. Absolutely! A great read. Please do check the book.


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