Book Review: Finding Anya by Sundari Venkatraman

A romantic ride!

Every time a book from Sundari Venkatraman is released I and my other two do a happy jig...
Then when I started and there it was memory loss... I frowned and my other looked at each other... Have seen it a lot to say the truth... But, with Sundari Venkatraman books there is always a but....a wicked wink for that. 
I would say, the new treatment to the memory loss is the highlight. Anya on the path to recovery from an accident as well herself and Dev trying to find his life-mate which he believes is the woman he once kissed and never looked back at.  
In Anya's journey to self-discovery, we know about her, learn about her, along with her. Small pieces of her memory seeping through the small cracks of the barrier formed around her memories. Dev who still remembered how one kiss with Anya had shaken the very foundation of what he believed. Then her ex- husband who cares for her, hurts along with her but her parents who are very much indifferent to her. You have the complete ingredients with which Sundari can do wonders and leaves you wondering what next. And of course, leaves you impatient for her next book.
A perfect pick for a couple of hours to relax and enjoy a romantic ride with Anya and Dev!

Anya Chhabria wakes up in a hospital room with no recognition of who she is and where she belongs. In her troubled times, Anya finds her anchor in a handsome stranger. But is he really unknown to her? 

Dev Wadhwa's past finds him when he sees Anya lying unconscious in the middle of the road. Not willing to let go of her one more time, Dev takes her to the hospital and later to his farmhouse, where he helps her recuperate. 

Sparks fly and Dev and Anya fall for each other! But the feisty Anya refuses to commit herself to marriage as her loss of memory looms larger than life. 

Things aren’t easy with an ex-husband, not-so-understanding parents, and a jealous neighbour thrown into the mix. What if Anya’s memory never comes back? 

Will Dev and Anya get a second chance? 

Or will circumstances force them apart, yet again?


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