Book Review: Wrong means Right End by Varsha Dixit

A wholesome entertainment at its humorous best!

‘You, me, three kids, 2 dogs, small ring and forever.....’
A beautiful love story in one simple sentence, but the path towards that especially for forever can be tumultuous....
I saw Miss White dab her moist eyes and Miss Black let out her frustration and me throwing my emotions around on anyone who is about 4 feet in radius around me....We laughed out loud for the double troubles antics.... We felt the tug of heart when the friends were a separated...And our heart sang on and on when nothing could pull them apart.
The crazy intensity between Nikhil and Sneha and their telepathic conversations were hearty. 
Adbey stole our heart the moment he sneaked into the book. His innocence and playfulness tugs the softy's, heart.  Varsha Dixit pulled me so into the book that the moment Nikhil lost his cool with Sneha I wanted to be next to Nandini to give a piece of my mind to him. I was the happiest when things were wrapping in a happily ever after end credits.
Every time I pick Varsha’s book I know I am signing up for a wholesome entertainment at its humorous best.


Wrong Means Right End tells the tale of Sneha, a single mother who is working hard to earn a living to support herself and her young son. Her focus solely lies on making their ends meet and she has lost interest in love or dating. Sneha's best friend Nandini is now happily married to Aditya, an industrialist. Nandini's concern for Sneha makes her act as a matchmaker, who wants to fill her life with love and happiness. Sneha's regular pace of life is disturbed when Nikhil, a man with whom she shares an unpleasant past, enters in her life. He is haughty and Sneha will go to any extent to keep her distance from him. If these problems weren't enough, another troublemaker, Gayathri, enters the picture to create havoc. Gayathri is Aditya's ex girlfriend who still likes him and is trying her best to jeopardize Nandini and Aditya's relationship. The only person that could help Sneha in stopping Gayatri is Nikhil. Considering their hatred for each other, will Sneha approach Nikhil for saving Nandini and Aditya's marriage?


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