Love Sees No Reason By Reshma Ranjan

Ten years back I wrote this novel. Then after many trials finally I got a publisher: Pageturn publisher. In 2014 with Shree Book Center, Pageturn Publisher published my book as a novella in 2014.
Don’t worry I am not going to review my own work.( a wink with a naughty smile on…)
Here I have just gathered the links of two reviews I got then and one I got recently. These reviews mean a lot which encouraged me to go on.
With my next release “Blind, Certainly is Love “ in few days a walk through my last journey.

You can check out the book in Goodreads.

And you can read the reviews by Rubina Ramesh:-

Ok Barbara Cartland fans… meet our desi Barbara Cartland…. Reshma Ranjan.:)

When I started this book, I had my reservations. I saw glimpses of dear Barb in this story. A certain degree of submissiveness and the cocksure Hero… (ahem!). l am not ashamed to say that I love BC.. but still, in todays world I would hate to see a submissive woman. Thankfully, Reshma diverted from that as the story progressed and brought out a heroine who in today’s world can say the word “no” like she meant it.

From the beginning of the story, a sense of pathos has been created. Ria is true BC kind of heroine in a modern avatar. She lost her fiancé in a freak accident that had left her with a broken heart. She found solace in an orphanage, where she met Mia, a new born orphan. Ria wanted to adopt her, but she had a contender for Mia’s affection in the form of Suraj. But Suraj was very sick and he offered to marry Ria – to provide a better future for both of them. Ria married Suraj and they had a good companionable relationship – till Suraj did not die. Now enters Suraj’s twin, Suhaan.

For the first time, Ria understands the chemistry she had been missing in her previous relationships. But Suhaan has a pre-conceived notion about her. He thought she had married his brother only for their money. Whereas his mind told him to stay away from her, but his heart sang another song and he was damn attracted to her. The feeling was mutual and they soon gave in to their basic insticts. But – they are related and the fear that the society won’t accept their relationship was always in her. It did not help that Suhaan had a blow hot and blow cold attitude. She did not want to marry again for Mia. She wanted to fall in love and be loved. Would she get it from a man who seemed to be more sexually attracted to her and wanted to marry her only to overcome the hassles of adoption of Mia? She did what she had to do to save her dignity. She left him and ran away. Would Suhaan be able to find her? And would he finally realize that she is more than just Mia’s mom?

Read the full review here.

Identical twins and a woman with a secret... 
Suraj is the gentleman brother who suddenly marries Ria, a virtual stranger and as if this is not enough, they adopt a child soon after marriage. Suhaan is unable to fathom the reason behind Suraj's actions and being away from home, he thinks the worst of Ria.

The death of Suraj brings Suhaan back home and when he comes across Ria, for whom he has already formed the worst notions, it is as if the world stops.

The complete review here.

The recent review by PG Van:-

This is a beautiful story executed very well by the author. I enjoyed reading Rias story and Suhaan was the best part of it although I would have wanted to know more about what kind of relationship she had with Suraj.
The author highlight the subtle things that add depth to the story making it a very good read.

You can find the review in Amazon USA.

You can grab the book from Pageturn Publisher, Amazon India, Flipkart and Amazon USA.


Sceptical of his twin brother Suraj’s hasty marriage to a complete stranger Ria Nair, has made Suhaan suspicious about his brother’s wife whom he has never met. The fact that the couple adopt a baby immediately after the wedding, only serves to increase his antagonism.

Who is this Ria, and why did she marry his brother?

Suraj dies, forcing Suhaan to return to the homestead to take over the family business. That’s when And the inevitable happens – he comes face to face with his brother’s widow and discovers that he is attracted to her.

On one level, Ria is all innocence and vulnerability. On another, is her mysterious and hurried marriage to his brother. She could be a gold digger.

Is his attraction for her mere lust – or could it be... love?

Coming soon "Blind, Certainly is Love" By Reshma Ranjan

Check for the cover launch and blurb here.


  1. Reshma, that review is making me curious. I got your book in the Tornado giveaway and it is right in front of me. I will read it next.

    1. I am looking forward to hear your views.😃😃


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