Book Review: The Marriage Contract by PG Van

A Scorchingly Spicy Read for a break!

What happens when you already have had a taste of the perfect blend of erotica and romance? 
I and my other two (one in white with a pure white wings and halo and one in black with the absolutely hot red horns to go by) wanted to get into this scorchingly hot romance. We were completely bowled over when we read "The Evil Twin?" by PG Van and "The Contract Marriage" is no less...
It had me at the word bike ( my wicked grin and the wink is on).The moment Kari checks out Blake out and Blake, Kari. You know the sparks are going to blow your mind away. And trust me it's not just sparks but the full blown pyrotechnic.
The Contract Marriage, uncontrollable physical attraction and the cherry on top ‘Love’.
Loved every moment of the book. The development of the story and character was smooth and nice. 
Looking something to get you to the summer mode before the summer, go for this book. You won’t be disappointed.
Blake, his mind, and the conflicts he faces pull you right into the turmoil he faces. It’s easy to weep for Kari everytime she fights for what she wants to be hers. I would have loved to have more insight into Simone Wells and her relationship with Blake.
 I like the PG Van’s headstrong and successful protagonists. Especially the woman character with their own opinions and a career to reckon with.
Looking for a break from the hectic day-to-day life with some scorching spicy romance to read, “
The Marriage Contract” it is!


Kari had no plans for a marriage of convenience when she walked into a meeting with the President of the Kennedy Group of Companies, but it was the only option she was left with after a business deal her father had with the Kennedy Group. 

Blake was only looking to expand his empire and wasn't interested in marriage or a fake wife, but what she had to offer was promising enough for him to give in to her demands. 

A strictly business-only contract turns into something else, and when Kari and Blake become more than business partners, she finds out he has a heart filled with secrets and darkness. Does she back out of the contract or go for more? 


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