Book Review: Bound by Hatred by M.V.Kasi


Was I stumped? Of course. But that particular emotion has been in abundance while I read the first book of the Bound series. Here it overflows. MV Kasi has not left any stone unturned. The book leaves you craving for more. The emotions are so raw and intense. For the period of the book, the reader is transported to the world of Singhams and Prajapathis... You will love to hate them; you will love to love them. You will love to be closer to the basic emotions of each and every human being in the book.
If Abhay and Anika’s love was heart-wrenching, Dev and Sabitha’s passion will hit you from you-know-not-where.
I am now bound to the Bound series.
The hatred, its cause, and the culmination of it in absolute passion is a raw deal. Grab the book guys!
Still raw and shaken, I and my doppelgangers sign off.
Two enemies forced to be allies... Will their hatred thrive? Or will it transform into an everlasting love... 

Sabitha Prajapati and Dev Singham grew up under vastly different circumstances. 

Sabitha was the illegitimate daughter whose presence was barely tolerated in the Prajapati household. Dev was a privileged son born into the wealthy, powerful Singham family. 

Sabitha ultimately rose up to lead the violent Prajapatis while Dev became a suave industrialist whose dating life included a constant string of beautiful celebrities. 

The only thing that bound them together was their tragic pasts which led to hatred towards each other. 

Their worlds collided when they were forced to work together for the sake of their people. 

Between the constant battles to draw the first blood, will their blood-lust towards each other invoke something more? 
Find out in—Bound by Hatred. 
WARNING: This is a fictional romance story that transports you to a different world that has no restraints or boundaries. Please proceed with caution as the book contains violence and sexual content that is recommended for mature reading audiences.  


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