Book Review: Scorpio Superstar by Sundari Venkatraman

No intro required!

With Ms. Venkatraman’s books, you need not give any introduction; you just have to read it. Once you read any one of her books, you’d end up picking all. This romance also promises to attract the readers for a lifetime binge of the author’s books.
A superstar of the south, Chandrakanth aka CK (or Chandru for a very special person) has almost the whole of Tamil Nadu and more than three-fourths of south India going gaga over him. In Tamil Nadu, people see him as a demi-God image. And there is his website handler, a normal girl with her business, living and leading a cozy life with her family.
The journey towards the culmination of their stars begins the moment they meet. The Scorpio and Pisces couple is sure to keep you hooked to their journey towards fulfillment, love, and completeness. And if you are a regular reader of Ms. Venkatraman, you’d know the sure chemistry between the protagonists.
An amazing chemistry and growing relationship is in store for you. Why is it always that her books make me set my relationship goals (of course with my husband ;)) higher? I and my doppelgangers-- the one in white with the halo on her head and one in black with the devilish red horns-- are thinking about that! As a matter of fact, we have concluded that we can easily write a thesis on Sundari Venkatraman and her works.

The nuances she adds, especially in this book, are so perfect and a natural part of the story that it reflects on the society and human nature. One such moment is when one of the characters complains about Ranju’s dusky complexion against Chandru’s fairer one even though, for Chandru, she is a stunning woman with a beautiful heart. Periamma’s insecurities lead her to say things which cause trouble and riles up Ranju. And of course, with a Superstar so huge it is natural for women to try and hook their claws on to him. The tale is weaved smoothly, without making it clichĂ©d. 
What more can I say other than the book is available on Goodreads, Amazon USA, Amazon India, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, AmazonAustralia.
Kollywood superstar Chandrakanth, also known as CK, is a true-blue Scorpio, communicating with his eyes and believing in showing more than telling.

His website and social media consultant Ranjini is a Piscean through and through, fiercely independent, believing in affirmations and declarations.

It is love at first glance for Chandrakanth when he meets Ranjini; so strong are his feelings that he proposes marriage on their second meeting. Ranjini, fascinated by his starry persona, gets swept off her feet. The two get married without much of the world knowing—including CK's aunt and ex.

The two women set out to settle their scores on Ranjini who suddenly begins to feel a strain in what was a fairy tale wedding.

While passion reigns on the one hand, there’s trouble in paradise on the other. Although CK is by her side, the Scorpio in him expects her to trust him implicitly. But can the Pisces in Ranjini accept him at his word?

Does the tension then get to their relationship? Can love survive without affirmations? Or is declaration the only way to profess one's love?


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